Meatloaf can be paired with mashed potatoes and sarma recept kulinarika is a great comfort food. You’ll be amazed at how difficult it can be to create a perfect meatloaf recipe If you’ve ever tried baking it from scratch or tried it in the oven.

We asked recipe creators and chefs for their best advice on how to make the perfect homemade meatloaf. Here are some tips to help you avoid potential meatloaf-related disasters.

1. Mistake: Using lean meat

What can be done to fix it? A lot of meat can cause dry meatloaf. James Peisker is a chef, butcher and co-founder at Porter Road in Nashville. Avoid ground turkey and lean ground beef. Make sure you choose ground beef that’s 80/20. It is a mix of 80 percent lean meat , and 20 percent fat. Peisker says that fat will make meatloaf moist and hold well.

2. Do not make a mistake: It’s too quickly to cut the meatloaf.

What can you do? You’re hungry. But hold tight. Peisker warns against cutting into the meatloaf immediately it is removed from the oven. The juices could end up on your plate or pan, and the loaf could be smashed. Instead, you should allow the meatloaf to sit for minimum 15 minutes before cutting into it.

3. Don’t make a mistake: You aren’t making a panade.

What to do about it. A panade, which is an abbreviation for a mixture of starch and liquids that is essential to a tender meatloaf. Jeremy Hood, a blogger at KtchnDad, says that many recipes for meatloaf that require breadcrumbs don’t include instructions on how to add liquid. If you don’t have a good panade, you’ll end up with a huge hamburger. He suggests that meatloaf be light and tender when it’s chewed into. You need equal amounts of liquid and breadcrumbs to create this kind of texture.

4. Don’t let the breadcrumbs soak for too for too long.

How to fix it What can you do? Before making your panade take your breadcrumbs and soak them in milk. This will help them become completely hydrated. Scott Hines, executive chef at B&O American Brasserie, Baltimore, Maryland, says that this is the method to do it. This is not an easy job. Soak breadcrumbs for five to ten mins.

5. Mistake: Using skim milk.

This can be solved by Jessica Formicola, a blogger and recipe designer on Savory Experiments. Skimmed milk isn’t going to help with binding.

6. Make a mistake: Use fresh breadcrumbs.

What to do The solution is to ensure that the breadcrumbs don’t have any staleness, or toasted if you make panade from homemade breadcrumbs. Sharon Beck, Kosher Private chef in Miami Beach, Florida, advises. It is not advisable to leave bread unattended as it will absorb some moisture and make the meatloaf dry. She suggests adding breadcrumbs and eggs to your meatloaf and eggs to keep its shape.